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 HVAC/R Protective Coatings

Dirty Sock Syndrome

Made in America-Our products are made in the USA and our coating is applied by our highly-skilled Craftspeople in Northeast Florida. Thank you for choosing Bronz-Glow for your coatings.  We take great pride in providing every customer a customized coating quote.  

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Made in the USA

Bronz-Glow Technologies offers superior products and services to protect against corrosion

Protective Coating Products

These companies trust the protection of Husky Brand Products

Our Services

  • Dip Coating

  • Spray Coating

  • Field Spray Coating


Our Products

  • Husky Green Fin Protector

  • Husky 500 Primer

  • Husky Cleaner

  • Husky Component Coat (Clear or Platinum

All sold in bulk or aerosol


Bronz-Glow Corporate Office
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