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Increase your revenue and local market share by becoming a Bronz-Glow Protective Coatings Partner. We offer five (5) different programs that maximize your profit and growth opportunities, personalized training, brand name recognition with product from the Pros in Coil Protection. Best of all, you can protect your customer’s capital investments and sell more maintenance plans.


Overview of License Terms & Conditions:
  • Minimum sales and inventory requirements
  • Periodic inspection of your facility and Bronz-Glow work
  • Maintain quality coating program and application work
  • Proper use of the Bronz-Glow name and logo
  • Maintain credit worthiness
  • International accounts establish freight forwarder and U.S. Bank for drafts
  • Requires active marketing of Bronz-Glow products and services
  • Considered an independent contractor
  • Expected attendance at license meetings or conferences when scheduled
  • Constantly strive for customer satisfaction
  • Strive to be a positive influence in your community
  • Maintain clear and concise Bronz-Glow records
How do I qualify for a License?
  • Be a legally registered company with financial worthiness
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage and financially support the license.
  • Complete a Bronz-Glow Application
  • Complete a Credit Application and prove credit worthiness
  • Demonstrate market presence
  • Provide a marketing plan with sales estimates for your desired territory
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