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Bronz-Glow Founder, Bob Haydu
Bob Haydu's husky dog, Rascal

Meet Rascal!

Bronz-Glow logo

Like many great stories, Bronz-Glow began with a man and his best buddy, his beloved Husky dog, Rascal.


Robert Haydu, our founder and fearless leader, developed the Bronz-Glow Coating Process for HVAC/R in a small town called Skillman, NJ in his garage back in late 1984. He branded the coating “Husky” as a tribute to his buddy because the coating (just like Rascal) offers superior protection. Our current President, David G. Jacobs, has been Bob’s right hand man and Chief Mixologist, since he started and first opened the first facility in 1985.


In the summer of 1989, Bronz-Glow moved to Northeast Florida and since 2000, has been located at the current facility in Saint Augustine, FL. Following in Bob's footsteps, Bronz-Glow continues to research and develop new coating materials and application methods today. Bronz-Glow manufactures some of the most effective and economic corrosion protection products in the world.


Today, the spirits of Rascal and Bob live on in our work. We like to have fun costume contests, games and toys around the Rascal theme.

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