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Dip Coating

After the coil is primed and dried, the unit is then immersed into our proprietary Husky Coil Coat Dip Coating. The coating cascades over the surface and
through the fins to ensure maximum coverage. The dip coating process uses solvent-based coatings specifically designed for our dip process and maintained at a specific viscosity to avoid bridging and obstruction of air flow. Complete coverage of all coil interior and exterior surfaces is a clear advantage of dip-coating. Each layer is allowed to dry before the next layer is applied. The process of layering Husky Coil Coat ensures a high quality consistent  result and provides for a tougher, long-lasting finish. We always suggest dip coating for coils over 17 fins per inch to ensure 100% penetration on the inner fins, tubes and coil surfaces.


Field Spray Coating

Many times, the equipment is already installed or is too heavy or cumbersome to move easily. Bronz-Glow offers field coating services. Either one of our technicians or one of our Certified Field Applicators can travel to your location and coat your coil on-site. We can also touch-up coating on location as needed. Bronz-Glow Technologies, Inc. is also available for coil cleaning services. Bronz-Glow’s network of Certified Field Applicators in multiple locations can provide coating services worldwide. Our Applicators can also provide support to clients in resolving their localized corrosion challenges. Find a Certified Applicator near you, please visit our website:

We can coat coils in any environment from jungle to industrial.


Spray Coating

Spray coating is very effective on equipment, components, cabinetry and coils less than 3 rows thick. (Coils larger than three rows should be dipped to ensure 100% coverage.) All components are masked off to prevent overspray. They must be cleaned and dried with the use of an electric/ battery powered blower or let dry overnight. The technician applies spray primer and spray coating with our Husky Coil Coat. Our quality assurance control technician examines the coil with an inspection mirror and ensures thorough coverage on the interior of the coil and tubing.

Spray coating is more economical than dipping, but runs the risk of the interior of the coil being under protected. In our factory, we have the ability to perform spray coating in a controlled environment where we can clean, condition and coat the coil with our QA standards of spray application. We specifically train our Certified Applicators to perform spray coating in their facilities in accordance with our exacting standards. Our spray procedures ensure strong penetration of the coating, but we cannot guarantee 100% coverage of the fins or tubes.


Radiators & Chillers

Radiators, Chillers, Specialty Equipment
Bronz-Glow is one of the best protective coatings for heat exchangers, radiators, and microchannel coils. One of our local customers, Jacksonville Electric Authority, has specified that Bronz-Glow is to be used to coat all of their HVAC coils and generator radiators for use in wastewater treatment plants and many of their other facilities. Bronz-Glow’s Husky Coil Coat Gold provides premium protection for Generator Radiators that operate in harsh environments along the Florida Coast.

We have also coated mounting brackets, electrical enclosures, radiators for Ring Power heavy equipment, storage tanks, water towers, and so much more.

We coat generator radiators designed specifically for use in Wastewater Treatment Plants.


Spray Cabinetry Coating

Bronz-Glow has the capability of meeting or exceeding virtually any cabinet coating specification. We are highly experienced in coating exteriors, interiors, blower wheel assemblies, insulation, compressors, copper tubing, louvers and almost any other component found on a HVAC/R system. We even coat the components to your exact specifications.

Our select cabinet coating is applied in layers. Each subsequent layer will molecularly bond to the preceding layer which provides a tougher, longer lasting finish.

Between each spray coat applied, equipment receives a thorough inspection.  The inspector is checking for adhesion, texture, consistency of coverage, thickness and coloration. At the conclusion of each coating layer, cure time is required. Each piece of equipment is tack cloth cleaned prior to receiving its next coat.

All pre-painted surfaces are cleaned with environmentally safe products and all pertinent labels, stickers, wiring diagrams, decals and manufacturer’s name plate are masked off if they are being coated with Component Coat Platinum. If requested, we then coat the label with our Component Coat Clear providing additional corrosion and UV protection to the important information.


Husky Green Fin Kit

Our Husky Green Fin Kit is designed for Do-It-Yourself application. The Husky Green Fin Protector Aerosol Kit contains (1) can of Husky Coil Cleaner, (1) can of Husky Green Fin Primer and (2) cans of Husky Coil Protector. These 3 items replicate our in-house coating process of cleaning, priming and coating, bringing you years of protection. This Kit is specifically designed for coating small tonnage residential A/C systems that are constructed with one row coils: window units, PTAC, and small tonnage (.5-3.5 ton) condenser coils. It is also perfect for coating refrigeration or water fountain coils.


Our Husky Component Coat, with a 10-year UV protectant is also available in Aeorosol Cans. Component Coat Clear is perfect for coating over labels to prevent fading or anything you want to keep the original color. Platinum color is primarily used for your equipment cabinetry and insulation or any other surface where a silver color is desired. Professionals can coat pool pumps, marine equipment, HVAC, radiators, and so much more! Many people along the Florida Coast use our Bronz-Glow Husky Component Coat Clear DIY Aerosol on lawn equipment, decorative metal work, compost bins, and boat trailers.

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