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Request for Quote Form

Get your most accurate quote!

Section 1-Customer Information

Please provide your contact information on your quote form or in the signature line of your email when you return your form. 

Section 2-Please select if you are sending us the whole unit or just the coil and if we need a crane to manage it. 

Specify which coil you are sending us and if you want Copper Tubing coated and then select if you want dip coat for greater coverage or spray coating at a lower cost. Select any exterior cabinetry or components you would like protected.

Please attach dimensions/drawings and/or specification sheets if available. 


Please provide the number of units you are shipping and manufacturer, model number along with dimensions, number of rows, and number of fins per inch. If you know the shipping weight, we can provide you with the most accurate freight charges. 

Lastly, please provide the bid due date, amount of insurance requested, and if you will be arranging to ship. Any additional information you would like to provide is appreciated. 

The Manufacturer and Model number is essential information that helps us provide you with a custom quote to coat your specific unit.  If you need help finding this information, please click here
Your unit's nameplate or label should be located somewhere on your unit. If you are coating both the Evaporator and Condenser coils, you will have 2 separate labels-one on the inside unit and one outside.  

If you have your manufacturer's data, please look for the face area measurement, number of rows, fins per inch, etc. This information is not mandatory but is greatly appreciated.  


Bronz-Glow recommends NOT coating the fan blades or blower wheels  as
it may interfere with the balance.   

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