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why protect
against corrosion?

what corrosion does ...

  • Weakens the metal of the coils

  • reduces efficiency

  • performance issues

  • durability concerns


What can you do to protect against corrosion?

  • invest in protective coatings from bronz-glow technologies, inc.

  • periodically clean coils with bronz-glow coil guard

Protective Coating Products

why bronz-glow?

  • our proprietary coil and cabinet coatings are single-component elastomeric polymers, which provides extraordinary tensile strength and flexibility.

  • Our coating will not crack, chip, powder or flake.

  • 5-year limited warranty.

  • promotes efficiency.

  • saves you $$$.

  • prevents dirty sock syndrome.

Coating your HVAC/equipment should be considered an investment as it
will improve performance and
will extend your unit's life.

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