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Bronz-Glow Technologies did the trick for DSS.
June 2021

Construction had just been completed on a new house, and from the very first time we turned on the new AC (new furnace - everything new), there was a foul smell permeating the house. It was very frustrating and disgusting. 

I researched on the Interner and discovered "Dirty Sock Syndrome", and asked local Plumbing & Heating Contractors what they could do. the home is in northern Michigan and no one had ever heard of Dirty Sock Syndrome.  

Upon further investigation, I found Bronz-Glow Technologies, and sent them AC coils to be coated/treated. Since it was near the end of our summer season, I did not use the AC very much during the late Summer early fall of 2018. It is now June 2021, and I have enjoyed 3 full Summer seasons with no smell. Bronz-Glow Technologies did the trick. 

I waited this long to do a review to see if the treatment would hold, and it has. I am thrilled and very grateful. 



David C.

Upstate Michigan

Image by Jameson Draper

Heartfelt Thanks!

I would like to give my most heartfelt thanks to you and all your people, and especially Mr. David G. Jacobs, President of Bronz-Glow, for all the help you are giving me in this matter. I don't do Facebook, but if you do you, I can email you a praising letter that you can post as a recommendation of your service, response and concern for your customers.  And I will certainly, as mentioned before, say a thankful prayer for all of you! 

                                                          -Edwin C. 

                                                            Tampa, FL

Image by Jameson Draper

Dirty Sock Syndrome May 2019

Hello Mr. Novack, 


Just wanted to let you know that we no longer have dirty sock syndrome!! I was a bit tense as spring approached, but there was not even a hint of odor when the AC first kick on. We are very, very grateful for that, and I also truly appreciate how easy the process was thanks to you, and our HVAC guys. Thank you so much!! 



Debra G.



New York City Transit

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing the Authority to the Bronz-Glow line of surface protective coatings for dry cooler coils for the four Transit Police Facilities.

As you well know, these coils are intended to operate in an extreme environment with air containing steel dust from the operation of the subways and, therefore, these coils had a rather unique requirement for surface protection.   READ MORE

NYC Transit worker

Dirty Sock Syndrome 

We are very happy to report that we did find a successful solution to our DSS problem. 

BACKGROUND INFO: In 2008, we had our 28-year-old (odorless) heat-pump air handler replaced with a new one manufactured by First Company. Our air handler is a horizontal coil located in a plenum suspended from our ceiling. This new coil was wider than our ductwork.   Read More

Young Couple

Saundra Jones

Alpine Air President

We stopped by the Bronz-Glow booth at the Atlanta Trade Show in January 2018 to discuss a number of issues we were having with some of our recent installations. In a nutshell, the units stunk. These brand new units smelled like a dirty locker room and our clients were very unhappy to say the least. 

We had the first coil dipped by Bronz-Glow and have been in constant contact with the clients to monitor the "smell level." 

Thanks to Bronz-Glow, the unit is operating perfectly with no foul odor.  We are now working on the remaining problems units to have them dipped, so we can make a very unhappy client happy again. 

They made the process easy to use, affordable and I would highly recommend their services , not only for that smelly unit, but for those close to the Florida Coastline. this product is amazing! Many thanks! 

Alpine Air logo

Dirty Sock Syndrome in Jan. 2019

We experienced "dirty sock syndrome" in our heating and air system after a mold remediation. As part of the remediation in our basement, the air handler (located in the basement) was dismantled and each part, including the coil, was cleaned by a certified duct [mold] remediator. Interestingly, the dirty sock smell presented itself AFTER this cleaning had been done, NOT before. Our theory is that bacteria must have grown in the recesses of the coil while it was not in use, as the remediation in our basement was completed. 


A second thorough cleaning by the remediator failed to remedy the problem. The duct remediator suggested a UV light placed inside the coil. However, based on our reading, we could not see how the light could possibly penetrate every possible inch of coil, any of which might contain the tiny bacteria (or other contaminant) that might be causing the bad smell. Plus, it would be one more thing to maintain and an additional ongoing expense. 


Our heating and air company suggested cleaning the coil with strong solution, before the heating season and again before the cooling season. This was based on their past experiences, and assumption that the smell wouldn't return again until switching seasons. That was not the case. Our heating and air company thoroughly cleaned the coil (again), but the dirty sock smell was back within a couple of days.  


Thank God for the internet that allowed us to research and find Bronz-Glow, which seemed like the best long-term solution, provided it worked. It did! Since installing our new Bronz-Glow coated coil, we have had the blessed relief of not smelling "dirty sock!" 


For anyone sensitive to smells, be aware that the Bronz-Glow coating does have a slight smell that took some time to dissipate, but it was not severe or unpleasant. A hay barn was the most similar smell we could think of, to what the Bronz-Glow coated coil smelled like when it arrived and was first installed.


Special thanks to Paul and Bambi who have been great helps to my husband and me. 



Sarah M.



Cool Girl

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