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From:  New York City Transit

.... The application of this coating has gone beyond the original Police Facilities.

... I thank you for your involvement in addressing these uniquie requirements of operating HVAC equipment under rather demanding hostile conditions.  

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  J. Bottelheim 
Subdivision Engineer

From:  End User

{After struggling with Dirty Sock Syndrome for 3 years and no resolution, they found Bronz-Glow who knew and provided them with the solution.}

We are extremely grateful to all the folks at Bronz-Glow.  Their customer service was stellar and their coating has made our small home liveable again.  

end user

From:  Alpine Air

We stopped by the Bronz-Glow booth at the Atlanta Trade Show in January 2018 to discuss a number of issues we were having with some of our recent installations. In a nutshell, the units stunk. These brand new units smelled like a dirty locker room and our clients were very unhappy to say the least. 

We had the first coil dipped by Bronz-Glow and have been in constant contact with the clients to monitor the "smell level." 

Thanks to Bronz-Glow, the unit is operating perfectly with no foul odor.  We are now working on the remaining problems units to have them dipped, so we can make a very unhappy client happy again. 

They made the process easy to use, affordable and I would highly recommend their services , not only for that smelly unit, but for those close to the Florida Coastline. this product is amazing! Many thanks! 

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Saundra Jones

From:  End User

... Thank God for the internet that allowed us to research and find Bronz-Glow, which seemed like the best long-term solution, provided it worked.  IT DID!  Since installing our new Bronz-Glow coated coil, we have had the blessed relief of not smelling "dirty sock"!  Special thanks to the Bronz-Glow team.    

end user

From:  DXAir

Building indoor pool dehumidification systems requires equipment that can be placed in these environments and not suffer the consequences of corrosion.

Research indicated that Bronz-Glow is one of the best there is!  Once we brought it directly to you to do --- we have saved thousands of dollars in cost.  

It works!

Great experience, timely good people to work with.  It's all about customer service. 

Every client I speak with I tell them this is by far the best way to go to protect their investment.

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Christine M. Leonetti
VP Sales

From:  Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel District

... I do not believe the units would have survived very long without Bronz-Glow coating.  It was a good investment.  

Jim Applegate
Sr HVAC Mechanic

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From:  Wescold Systems a Division of Integrated Marine Systems, Inc.

Thank you so much for all the effort and hard work you put into rehabbing this unit.  You have gone far above my expectations and it is very rare to see this level of service in business anymore.  It is very much appreciated.

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Lloyd Josang
Application Design and Sales

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