Bronz-Glow's UV Inhibitor Explained!

We live in Florida-we understand the effects the sun has on your equipment. Our Do-It-Yourself products offer 10 year UV protection in an easy to use aerosol product. Husky Coil Coat Gold and Husky Green Fin Coil Protector: Bronz-Glow Husky Coil Coats use Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) as long term UV inhibitors. HALS trap free radicals formed during oxidation thus minimizing any degradation of the coating. Through the process of the Denisov Cycle, they are able to return to their initial state, adding efficiency and longevity to the coating. In fact, HALS are some of the most effective long-term UV stabilizers. There are several other benefits of using this method of UV inhibitor. There is no impact on the color of our product. These products provide good solubility in most industrial solvents and are highly compatible with a wide range of polymers. Other Bronz-Glow products: HALS also perform well when combined with UV absorbers. We have combined the two for maximum UV protection in our Component Coat Platinum, Component Coat Clear, SPC, and SeaCoast products. UV Absorbers absorb the UV energy and disperse it throughout the surface as infrared energy. Combined with the HALS technology, we maximize your UV protection. What can you protect? We have many people who use our products to protect the feet of their patio furniture, the metal decor that adorns their yards and even outdoor pump and water equipment. In harsh environments like coastal areas or around pools, Bronz-Glow products protect like no other Do-It-Yourself coating. Try us and see for yourself. UV Lighting and HVAC Ultraviolet Light (UV) This invisible light falls between the visible light range and X-rays. UV lighting is broken down into three wavelength ranges, UVA, UVB, and UVC. These ranges fall between 100 Nanometers (NM) too 400 NM. The lower the range, the more dangerous it becomes. Starting out with UVA, this range falls between 315 -400 NM’s. The most common use is sun tanning, stage affect lighting, black lighting and photography. UVB is a little stronger and can cause serious medical problems when exposure is over exceeded. The wavelength range is 280 – 315 NM’s. Often used for testing, inspection and photography, this UV range can cause sun-burn and extreme dehydration. UVC is the bad boy of the entire spectrum. Falling in the 100 – 280 NM’s spectrum, this lighting can indeed kill many molds, viruses, mildews and other undetectable airborne elements. Often used as a germicidal killer in water purification systems at the range of 254.7 NM’s and produces Ozone at 185NM’s.

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