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Suffering from DSS?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Stink Sock

You just switched on your furnace or A/C and all the sudden you think …


It smells like dirty, stinky socks!!

YOU’VE JUST EXPERIENCED DIRTY SOCK SYNDROME OR DSS! You run the unit for the day with hopes it will dissipate, but it doesn’t. You call in the service company, they clean it well and yet the next day the odor is still present.

While there are others who claim to solve the issue for you, you will find no better solution than with Dip Coating your evaporator coil with Bronz-Glow Husky® brand Coil Coating Gold!

As the air from your blower fan moves over the evaporator coil, the cold refrigerant removes the heat from your environment. Humidity in the air condenses on the coil as the heat warms the refrigerant and creates a perfect environment for the growth of mold spores, mildew and bacteria. The warmer refrigerant travels to the condenser coil outdoors to expel the heat. With a heat pump, the process reverses in the winter; the evaporator coil expels heat from the refrigerant into your environment. When temperatures drop, the refrigerant does not have enough heat to warm the air so auxiliary heating elements warm up to supply additional heat as the airflows past.

This is great news for the occupants warming up, but it also creates the perfect environment for the microorganisms to thrive in your air handler. When you switch from cooling to heating mode, the elements warm up, essentially cooking the microbes as a musty damp smell permeates the air causing Dirty Sock Syndrome (DSS).

The syndrome is not brand specific; all HVAC manufacturers acknowledge some complaints. Dirty Sock Syndrome grievances are generally aimed at the equipment manufacturer; however, the evaporator coil only collects what is being circulated throughout the air and the smell is only released when the conditions are just right. DSS seems limited mainly to individual households and usually appears after a new unit is installed. When manufacturers replace the coils under warranty, they choose coated coils to solve Dirty Sock Syndrome. Bronz-Glow has eliminated over 99% of the DSS issues encountered. Installing Bronz-Glow coated coils eliminates the micro-organisms' ability to accumulate on the coil and the water carries them away.

If these microbes are present and growing in your HVAC system, just think about how they and others could spread throughout the home and diminish your health. For the best protection, do not let germs grow on your coil, change your filter often and use the highest MERV filtration system recommended by your equipment manufacturer. Regular cleaning of your air intake and ducts can also help maintain the healthiest air for your home. Your HVAC technician can work with you to get the best Indoor Air Quality. If they mention UV lighting on your coil, call us-we have a better solution. Bronz-Glow treatment is applied only once. UV bulbs need to be changed yearly and cause unwanted changes in your air. See what other victims of DSS have to say about our coating.

> {After struggling with Dirty Sock Syndrome for 3 years and no resolution, they found Bronz-Glow who knew and provided them with the solution.} We are extremely grateful to all the folks at Bronz-Glow. Their customer service was stellar and their coating has made our small home livable again.

> We stopped by the Bronz-Glow booth at the Atlanta Trade Show in January 2018 to discuss a number of issues we were having with some of our recent installations. In a nutshell, the units stunk. These brand new units smelled like a dirty locker room and our clients were very unhappy to say the least.

We had the first coil dipped by Bronz-Glow and have been in constant contact with the clients to monitor the "smell level."

Thanks to Bronz-Glow, the unit is operating perfectly with no foul odor. We are now working on the remaining problems units to have them dipped, so we can make a very unhappy client happy again.

They made the process easy to use, affordable and I would highly recommend their services , not only for that smelly unit, but for those close to the Florida Coastline. this product is amazing! Many thanks!

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