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Three managers look at applying Bronz-Glow Protective Coatings.

Why wouldn't you want to be a Bronz-Glow Certified Applicator? 


First of all, the market for corrosion protection products is growing at a tremendous rate, especially in coastal areas where corrosion is rampant. Bronz-Glow has products that protect much more than your HVAC unit. Component Coat Clear can be used on almost any metal or insulating surface without covering important labels or voiding warranties. 


Bronz-Glow protects against many corrosive environments where other coatings fail. Around wastewater treatment plants, generator radiators corrode quickly. Bronz-Glow protects them from the ravages of hydrogen sulfide and is specified for HVAC units at JEA Wastewater Treatment Facilities. 

How tough is your current coating? Bronz-Glow's flexibility and tensile strength allows it to expand and contract with your HVAC unit. It also protects against animal urine and bird droppings. Can any other coating do this?