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As part of their 100-year anniversary celebration, Cummins, Inc. launched a 7-year refurbishment project, commencing in 2018, at their Corporate Headquarters in Columbus, IN. Bronz-Glow Technologies, Inc. applied Husky Primer and Husky Coil Coat as a Protective Coating to prevent further corrosion to their HVAC units. Goals of this sustainability initiative included reusing materials, reducing energy costs 3-5% and refurbishing all of the rooftop HVAC units to extend the life of these systems for another 10+ years. According to, the company is committed to zero carbon footprints and this proposal would help them reduce waste and energy usage to meet their Planet 2050 goals.


Cummins, Inc.

Background: Cummins, Inc. specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling/servicing combustion and alternative fuel engines for power generators. Their headquarters, built in 1983, on land that formerly served as the Columbus rail yard, featured a new precast concrete structure built around the original building, a former Cerealine Factory built in 1867. The facility had 18 aging HVAC/R units installed around 1994 that were losing heating/cooling efficiency. These units were custom built for Cummins’ applications and it was cost prohibitive as well as wasteful to replace them.  After much research, they decided to refurbish the current units with upgraded energy efficient parts and protect the equipment with Bronz-Glow’s durable, sustainable products.

Approach: Our Customer Service, Field Service and Safety Teams met with Cummins Engineers and Project Managers and determined the best solution was to clean and coat the existing coils with Bronz-Glow Proprietary Husky Primer and Husky Coil Coat after the refurbishment was completed. Using Avetta Supply Chain Management Software, Cummins vetted Bronz-Glow and trained each of our 3-person field coating teams in their safety protocols prior to arriving onsite. Later in the project, Cummins added cabinetry protection, using our SPC blend coating containing a 10-year UV Protectant, to these rooftop units to protect this equipment from the elements of weather and UV deterioration.

Solution: Several teams of Bronz-Glow Technologies’ expertly trained Technicians travel to Indiana and spend a week on each HVAC unit cleaning, priming and coating each coil and cabinet according to the project timeline. Bronz-Glow is coating 2-4 units a year on site over the next few years with our 15,000-hour salt spray tested coatings.


Results: Cummins, Inc. shows a measurable savings in energy costs from 5 years ago due to the changes they are making with this refurbishment project. Even though energy prices have risen during this time, Cummins, Inc. is continually reducing their energy consumption, saving money and increasing the reliability of the HVAC equipment necessary to keep their equipment production running smoothly and further protecting our environment. Bronz-Glow’s patented coating, a polyelastomer blend with less than ½% heat transfer loss, extends the life of industrial equipment and in NASA testing, actually improves HVAC efficiency over time due to corrosion prevention. Visit for more information.

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