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Choose your Corrosion Protection.

Bronz-Glow Dip Coil Coating HVAC Corrosion Protection

Dip Coil Coating Services

Bronz-Glow Spray Coil Coating HVAC Corrosion Protection
Husky Green Fin Kit Corrosion Protection David G. Jacobs Bronz-Glow

Spray in Place Coating Services

Do It Yourself

Bronz-Glow headquarters and Husky Coil Coat Gold

Commercial Clients

We apply our own line of proprietary corrosion preventive coatings to hundreds of HVAC/R systems and replacement coils each month. We receive manufactured equipment of all types, sizes, ton ranges and usages from manufacturers, distributors, and contractors for processing. We have been providing after-market service for well over 20 years and we have never voided anyone’s factory warranty. In most cases, we are recommended by manufacturers!

Our coatings protect equipment in virtually any corrosive environment including but not limited to:

  • Salt air

  • Salt spray

  • Hydrogen Sulfide   (H2S)

  • Chlorine   (Cl)

  • Sulfuric Acid    (H2SO4)

  • Uric Acid   (C5H4N4O3)

  • Nitric Acid   (HNO3)

  • Ammonia   (NH3)

  • Muriatic Acid   (HCL)

  • Citric Acid   (c6H8O7)

  • Bromides   

  • and much more...

Residential Clients / Home Owners

We work very closely with home owners. Our knowledgable & friendly staff have helped home owners tackle various issues such as Chinese Drywall, Dirty Sock Syndrome and Formicary Corrosion problems.

If you are located within 10 miles of the coastline, we strongly recommend that you Bronz-Glow coat and protect your equipment from corrosion. This simple step prevents increased energy usage and adds years to the life to your equipment.

Bronz-Glow’s facility is equipped and staffed to provide coating services for temperature control and refrigeration systems of all sizes and types, from window A/C units, residential and commercial split systems, rooftop units (RTUs), climate changers... even 420+ ton air-cooled chillers. Bronz-Glow’s corrosion protection services include dip or spray coating coils and spray coating cabinets, blower assemblies, insulation and virtually all other system components. Bronz-Glow's coating services are tailored to meet almost any coating specification, requirement or need. Every project, whether In-House or Field-Processed by our Factory Trained Applicators, each piece of equipment is handled with care.

Each customer receives a:

  • Written Warranty.

  • Professionally Trained Coating Applicators.

  • Competitive Pricing.

  • Written Quotations.

  • Prompt Courteous Service.

  • Coating Maintenance Kit.

  • 30 day workmanship warranty.

A rooftop chiller coil is dipped in Bronz-Glow Husky Coil Coat Gold.

   Bronz-Glow's Husky Coil Coat Dip Application

Dip Coating

The best method of coating a coil is by dip application. Dip coating ensures complete coverage of all fin and tube coil surfaces. The majority of engineers and corrosion specialists recommend and specify dip coating as the most complete method of application. Be sure to ask for dip coating when you order your equipment. 

Bronz-Glow's Husky Coil Coat Spray Application

Spray Coating

Spray coatings applied in the field are not as effective at coating all fin surfaces as dip coating. In our factory, we have the ability to perform spray coating in a controlled environment where we can clean, condition and coat the coil with our QA standards of spray application. We strongly recommend not spray coating coils greater than 3 rows or having greater than 17 fins per inch. 

HVAC Corrosion Protection.jpg

Evaluating Coating Application Methods

Aerosol Spray Coating

Aerosol spray coating is generally performed by an A/C technician or home owner. It is an easy way to achieve some short term protection against corrosion in a mild to moderate corrosive environment. It is generally recommended for window units, mini splits, PTACs and small condensing units only.

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