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Part Number 401401000

Husky Coil Guard is a biodegradable, neutral pH, surfactant coil cleaner, perfect for maintaining your Bronz-Glow coating and maximizing the energy efficiency of your units. It is the only cleaner that is authorized for use on Bronz-Glow Coated Coils. All other cleaners may void your warranty.

Coil Guard removes dirt, grime, oil, insect residue, and airborne deposited corrosives without etching or attacking coil coat. It is safe for use on all coils and does not burn skin. This single concentrated gallon makes 20-25 gallons of foaming, penetrating cleaner that will complete your Preventive Maintenance Program. 

Husky Coil Guard

SKU: 638632374000
  • Husky Coil Guard is formulated of deep penetrating surfactants; it reduces the surface tension of water, allowing it to saturate soils. Husky Coil Guard is perfect for cleaning your coils as part of a maintenance program.


    Minimums are case lots 4x1 gallon or 50 gallon drum. Trust Husky for proven HVAC Corrosion Protection!

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