Dirty Sock Syndrome

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Moisture that accumulates on evaporator coils, under certain conditions, can be a haven for bacteria, mold and mildew. When you turn on the heat, these surfaces are heated, but are not hot enough to kill the bacteria. Humid climates increase the possibility of growth just enough to make them smell awful-like Dirty Socks.

Bronz-Glow protects evaporator coils from corrosion and mold growth.
Breathe easier with a Bronz-Glow coated evaporator coil.

What can homeowners do?

Many HVAC companies will recommend antiseptic cleaning or UV lights to eliminate the problem. Often, it is only a temporary fix and sometimes can damage your HVAC unit or even increase health hazards in your home. Bronz-Glow can coat your coil with our proprietary protective coatings. Not only will we be able to extend the life of your unit and maintain its operating efficiency over time, we can prevent the water from collecting on the coil long enough to grow the bacteria in the first place. We have over a 99% success rate with solving Dirty Sock Syndrome.


Dirty Sock Syndrome can and often does appear after a coil is changed out or retrofitted. Even with an identical change out, the cooling requirements of your home change over time. The replacement unit will have increased energy efficiency and could end up being oversized, resulting in less moisture removed from the air.

Here’s how to get your coil coated:

  1. Contact your local HVAC contractor and specify that the unit be dip coated by Bronz-Glow.

  2. Head to our home page to request a quote.

  3. Have the contractor ship the unit to us directly from the manufacturer.

  4. Schedule the installation of your newly coated coil.

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