UV Lights for HVAC systems

Many HVAC companies will install UV lights around your evaporator coil to kill germs and eliminate odors. UV lights can create ozone which can be more hazardous to you than the bacteria you are killing.

Fight Dirty Sock Syndrome with Bronz-Glow Protective Coatings.
Does your heat smell like Dirty Socks? You might have Dirty Sock Syndrome.

Ultraviolet lights are often described as a germicidal killer in HVAC systems both residential and commercial. There are many UV systems available that claim to reduce or eliminate harmful toxins and bacteria that grow in the moist, dark areas of the AC unit (specifically the evaporator coil).

UV lighting is installed near the evaporator coil. Although this lighting does in fact help to subside growth, they are unable to penetrate the internal areas of the coil thus allowing the growth of contaminants within the coil that are undetectable to the naked eye. These unseen contaminants can then be spread throughout the ducting, allowing for further growth and distribution through the air being pumped through the vents.

You recognize this growth when you turn on your heater and the smell of dirty socks spreads throughout your home. This is known in the industry as Dirty Sock Syndrome (DSS) and can be caused by many different factors. See our blog post on DSS for more information.

According to https://housesogreen.com/2014/07/hvac-uv-lights-for-ac-systems-do-they-work/, the cost of UV light installation, maintenance and energy costs must also be considered when purchasing a UV light system. The light is estimated to range from $130-$500 to purchase and around $100 a year to maintain. (Energy usage is around $25 per year and the bulb must be replaced annually at a cost of $70.) These costs are a continuous burden on the home or business owner and are totally unnecessary. With Bronz-Glow coated coils, your energy efficiency actually increases over time compared to an untreated coil and the only maintenance required is coil cleaning.

Furthermore, the housesogreen.com article lists the many disadvantages of using UV lights. They do not sterilize moving air without additional air sterilization UV lights being installed. The UV lights can also damage plastics within the air handler, deteriorate the drain pan and destroy flexible ducting as well. There are appropriate uses for UV lights, but eliminating odors from mold growth is not one of them.

The answer to this problem is simple; by using a protective chemical coating on the affected areas with the coating treatment being done prior to installation. This particular product offered by Bronz-Glow Protective Coatings will not allow the growth of contaminants on its surface. Mold and Mildew will not accumulate or grow on this polyelastomer coating. No More Smelly A/C Units!

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