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Bronz-Glow Can Maximize your Profits!

Field Applicators

Programs range from single airless pump and pressure washer systems to sophisticated mobile trailer rigs. Bronz-Glow recommends the equipment based on anticipated activity level and size of equipment to be treated. It is recommended that a new applicator initially set-up with the basic equipment recommended by Bronz-Glow to service the type or size of A/C units most likely to be coated. Equipment can always be added as the licensee's coating activity grows.

Coming soon-Green Fin Field Applicator package. 


Dip Applicator (In House)

Dip Applicators are required to provide coating services in their facility. Hence the requirements not only include certified equipment but also facility space that meets all environmental regulations. Considerations are the size and shape of coils to be coated, the number of coils to be coated in a day and the material handling equipment to be employed. The cost for dip facility equipment can be extensive depending upon desired automation and size of equipment to be treated.

Manufacturer Representative

This program requires the manufacture representative to actively solicit sales with facility owners, specifying engineers, equipment manufacturers, regional or national chain store accounts, air conditioning equipment dealers and contractors to establish a Bronz-Glow presence in M/R's territory. Manufacturer's Representatives receive price discount schedules based on their annual sales volumes and individual job size. The representative will be trained in products, services and price structure.



This program requires familiarization with the product line and a $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 investment in product inventory. There is a minimum sales level established that the distributor is expected to meet annually. There is no equipment investment for distributor programs.

Private Label

These programs are available to those who desire to sell under their "Own Label" name. In such cases the applicant describes type of market, the anticipated volume and a business plan for that market including product distribution. Under such license programs, there is a initial license fee. Further the applicant for the private label program must obtain product liability insurance. Applicant may incur some private label development costs for special formulations or color blends. They also pay for their own advertising literature and product data sheets. It has been found most private label licenses service a special market segment or niche market. In cases where private label license intends to apply the coatings on its site or in the field, a training fee may be applicable as in the Certified Applicator Program.

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