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Sailboat motoring toward an island.

Enjoy your boat without the corrosion worries.

Corrosion is a natural consequence of metallic form because of a reaction with its environment. It might also be natural to think of corrosion as a simple, singular process or reaction that once understood could be turned off like a light switch or a faucet. This is not the case. In fact, there are many factors influencing the corrosion process and even more solutions or alternatives. Most precautions are merely redirecting corrosion effects to sacrificial anodes or choosing inert materials such as stainless steel, titanium, or aluminum that form a protective oxide on the surface. In saltwater and marine environments, deterioration is inevitable. 


The difference between the types of corrosion we all experience on our boats is related to how this corrosion occurs and how quickly it compromises the integrity of the metal as molecules on the surface combine with oxygen to create a more stable metal oxide. Over time, almost all metals will corrode to some degree with exposure to oxygen in the presence of moisture and salt air.


What if you could delay that corrosion and make your equipment last 2-3 times longer than it normally would?


The Bronz-Glow Process applies a protective primer that chemically bonds with the metal, preventing further oxidation and promoting superior adhesion for subsequent coatings. The patented Bronz-Glow Husky Coil Coat has superior moisture resistance, 300% elasticity, and full pH range protection is then applied. The final result is a highly corrosion-resistant coating that protects against acids, alkalies, saltwater, chlorine vapors, hydrogen sulfide gases, and salt spray.

Bronz-Glow is a patented process specifically developed to aid in establishing an economical means of protecting surfaces from the costly effects of corrosion. Unlike phenolic coatings, Bronz-Glow is highly flexible, eliminating the potential of the coating cracking, chipping or flaking when the components are installed or components are bent. This prevents the development of openings to the bare metal where corrosion can start.

Bronz-Glow has minimal effect on heat transfer coefficients so it is perfect for marine HVAC condensers, refrigeration coils, and evaporator units. Unlike paints, it resists the tendency to blister, crack or flake and seals out moisture, one of the major ingredients in the corrosion process. It
also prevents airborne contaminates from depositing on the metal surface.

We offer a do-it-yourself Husky Green Fin Kit for coating marine HVAC/R units and specialized Clear Component Coat for coating any equipment, even over stickers and labels.