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How does Bronz-Glow increase energy efficiency of A/C units?

Bronz-Glow Coatings, based on heat transfer tests, has less than 1/2% effect on heat transfer of an A/C unit when it is applied.  Consider the effect that corrosion has on an uncoated coil's efficiency; Navy studies have shown that in a salt-laden environment, coils can lose efficiency within the first 30 days of operation. Bronz-Glow Coatings sustain and prolong consistent operating efficiency and actually gives you a net increase in efficiency by preventing corrosion from reducing your operating efficiency in the first place.

In the chart below, we demonstrate energy operating and equipment replacement cost of a new unit over a two year period of a coated and an uncoated coil. ​Energy savings from HVAC.

Energy Consumption 1.24.22 small size.png



Retrofits  are paying for themselves in utility savings. A school in Abilene, TX school district saved over $500,000 in utility costs in the first 9 months after implementing an energy conservation management program and they expected to save $860,000 in the first year according to the Abilene Reporter-News.

We can even clean and coat coils and fins where deterioration has already occurred to prevent further damage. Our field team coated the unit shown below so it will last many more years, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs and maximizing their energy savings.





Cummins Engines overhauled their HVAC units and expect to save almost 30% on operational costs next year. These rooftop units were not cost effective for them to replace. Our field spray team coordinated with many other vendors to replace key components on them and keep the units running for many more years.

Cummins Rooftop HVAC units before and after coating.
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