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With both nuclear and coal-fired electrical production, The Crystal River Energy Complex encompassed 5 facilities on the Gulf Coast of Florida, just north of Tampa-St. Petersburg. Salt water, coal dust, UV rays and other corrosives caused them constant problems with their HVAC units. 

Jim Cole, HVAC Tech, was constantly replacing units until they were recommended by Tampa Bay Trane to try Bronz-Glow Protective Coatings. 


In 2002, he replaced an 89-ton chiller in the Number 5 Precipitation Room, the room filled with breakers and high voltage electrostatic filters and specified Bronz-Glow. 


Bronz-Glow also coated a 50 ton chiller for the CR-4 Administration Building and 2 of 30-ton DX systems at their 480 Switch Gear Room.  When the coal plant shut down in 2019, Bronz-Glow coated units were still installed and operating. Previously, the units would be corroded and need replacement in less than three years. Jim Cole says, "I'm very happy with Bronz-Glow. This chiller unit has needed replacement for several years. I don't want the new one to wear out from all the corrosion like the old one did. I recommend they get Bronz-Glow." 

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