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The New HVAC Trend After COVID-19:

Your Guide to UV-C Germicidal Products and Coated Coils

UV-C Germicidal Lighting is the newest trend in HVAC. We will explore the effectiveness of these lights in cleaning HVAC systems, common misconceptions about the capability of UV lights, and potentially harmful effects on people and pets.

Covid 19

With all of the panic, people want to find a way to guarantee they are safe from this Coronavirus Cataclysm. As a result, Indoor Air Quality is becoming a household phrase. (Can I please wake up to a completely disinfected home? I don’t think it’s too much to ask.) The market is teeming with air purifying products, some that even claim to kill or prevent the coronavirus, the flu, the cold, etc. Could they be right?

Well, we are still missing so much information; even the scientific community cannot answer much about this virus now. What I can tell you is how some of these products work without bias about selling them to you and let you decide for yourself what the solution is for you.

Not all UV-C systems are created equally so we will also give you tips on how to choose a system that is right for you to decide how to protect your HVAC investment and hopefully, your health. We aren’t selling UV systems, why do we care? Shining a UV-C light on your Bronz-Glow coated coil, 24 hours a day degrades the coating and your coil faster as well as contributes to rapid aging of metal, plastics, break down of ductwork, insulation, gaskets, and other materials. Our coating contains a 10-year Florida UV inhibitor that does provide a level of HALS protection against UV light, but it has only been tested on UV-A and UV-B as UV-C does not normally reach the Earth's surface. With our stellar 5-year coating warranty, we want you to have all of the information in your hands.

Bronz-Glow is your source for solving Dirty Sock Syndrome and HVAC Corrosion. 

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