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Cleaning your HVAC system after a hurricane.

Street flooding after Hurricane Irma

Many people have been affected by floodwater after Hurricane's Harvey and Irma. As you begin the recovery process, remember that your HVAC unit can become a hazard if not cleaned properly after a flood event.

Safety First

If your unit was submerged, ensure all power is disconnected and contact a qualified HVAC professional for inspection and mold remediation. According to an article from  Center for Disease Control, specialized cleaning is suggested to prevent microorganism growth. 

If your unit was not submerged, inspect it for damage from debris prior to restoring power. Remove any debris around the condenser unit, visually inspect unit for damage, including electrical connections. If none noted, restore power and test unit operation.  

If your coil is Bronz-Glow protected, inspect coating for abrasion. If any noted, please contact us because our coating is field-repairable. 

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Husky Coil GUard

Before restoring the power, remove all debris by rinsing your equipment thoroughly with Husky Coil Guard.

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