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Husky Coil Coat protects Caterpillar Radiators and more!

A Caterpillar C9 radiator coil covered in Bronz-Glow Protection.

Cat Marine Engines continue the legacy of durability, reliability, maximum fuel efficiency, low cost of ownership and world class support." **


Trust Bronz-Glow Coatings to protect your investment in Caterpillar Equipment. Since 1985, we have been providing the best protective coating for heat exchangers, mostly in the HVAC/R market. Now, we are expanding to radiators and more.

Caterpillar C9

Our proprietary coil and cabinet coatings are single-component products which provide protection through the complete pH Range (1.0 to 14.0). These special coil coatings also offer less than ½% effect on heat transfer, while exhibiting extraordinary tensile strength and flexibility. These coating materials will not crack, chip, powder or flake and can be easily repaired with an aerosol application if damaged or abraded.

Field applicators ar applying a Component Coat to the generator exterior.
A generator radiator has been coated for JEA.

Caterpillar 3512

Jacksonville Electric Authority has specified that Bronz-Glow is to be used to coat all of their HVAC coils and generator radiators for use in wastewater treatment plants and all of their other facilities.*  


Bronz-Glow's Husky Coil Coat Gold provides premium protection for Caterpillar Generator Radiators that operate in harsh environments along the Florida Coast.

Think Bronz-Glow for all of your corrosion prevention needs.

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It's Going To Rust, So Bring It To Us!


"The radiator coils shall be 100% dipped in Bronz-Glow (Husky Coil Coat) to provide additional protection on coils for all units due to the corrosive atmosphere at JEA water and waste water facilities."*

Bronz-Glow is specified for use in many other companies. 

Thermostat on Bronz-Glow coated unit.
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