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Coating your coils is our business!

Our case studies demonstrate how well our small, family-owned business stacks up against the biggest players in the coating industry. When you coat your coils with Bronz-Glow, you are working with professional Floridians whose primary job it is to quote your jobs, clean and coat your coils, arrange your shipping and even apply our coatings in the field.  We specialize in coatings because that is all that we do! We are the PROS in Protective Coatings!

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Bronz-Glow Technologies to ensure our clients receive the highest quality, reliable products possible. To bring our exceptional production process to light, we’ve outlined the key features below. Keep reading to learn the benefits you’ll receive when you choose to do business with us. 

Crystal River Energy Complex

Cogen Power Plant



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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

integrated marine whole unit cabinet side.jpg

Integrated Marine Systems

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New York Transit Authority


Alpine Air

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Contact us to learn more about Bronz-Glow's Husky HVAC Corrosion Protection! 

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