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Bronz-Glow offers five (5) different programs for market coverage. There are two segments, the first being coating services which includes field spray and in-plant dip coating. The second includes marketing performed by the manufacturer representative and distributor. Each of these programs requires licensing and various degrees of product or service application training. 

     • Field Applicators
     • Dip Applicators
     • Distributors
     • Manufacturer Reps
     • Private Label

Each license classification is issued a nonexclusive territory. Territories may be based on geographical boundry, account type or market segment. The territory is clearly defined and sales goals are established for the territory. Many factors are taken into account in the establishing of sales goals. Once territory and goals are established it is expected the licensee will strive to meet their sales goal. Territories and goals are defined during discussions between License Administrator and License Applicant. In all cases where an applicator or distributor desire an exclusive territory they must demonstrate the ability to effectively and efficiently service the requested territory. The license may, after careful evaluation by the license administrator, be issued an exclusive territory. In these cases however, an exclusive territory fee or higher royalty may be assessed. 

With each applicator territory a royalty is assessed on gross Bronz-Glow sales with a minimum quarterly royalty payment schedule. The royalty is scheduled to be paid at the end of each calendar quarter. 

The Equipment
The equipment required by a licensed applicator is dependent upon whether he is to be a field or dip applicator. Approved equipment may be purchased from Bronz-Glow or other equipment sources.

There is an established training program for each license to ensure our standards for HVAC Corrosion Protection are being met. Field applicators and dip applicators require different training programs both in duration and application technique. Training is scheduled to be held at the Bronz-Glow Technologies facility. Training however, can be held at the licensed facility when necessary. Training classes also include corrosion and marketing courses.

Annual Certification Audits
Each licensee is visited periodically to have their coating applications inspected and application technology is reviewed. At this time meetings are held to discuss any Bronz-Glow business or assistance with sales programs. The certification visit aids in determining the licensee's status regarding on-going representation and goals. To date, no license has ever been terminated at such a visit. However, if discrepancies are found, they are discussed and a method for resolution is established. These audits are necessary in order for Bronz-Glow to protect the good will of its name and all other licensees.

How to Apply
Use the link below to download the application. Email it to once completed. We will respond to your inquiry for further discussion on the license program and territory in which you have interest.

Certified Applicator Application

Download the Confidentiality Agreement.

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